Wanderlust: Chicago

Wanderlust: Chicago on Coffee and Cactus

I have these vivid memories of being little and riding on my dad’s shoulders while we walked through downtown Chicago, mainly one afternoon in particular when little snow flurries were falling from the sky and he was working at the federal courthouse. It was bitterly cold and the wind whipped through the tall stacks of buildings- you’d turn a corner at the next block and feel the wind tunnel shift.

We’d ride the Metra from the Northern suburbs and sometimes take the El farther into the city. I remember the sounds and smells, and the lights- and that day in particular was an especially good one because I was getting my Nintendo 64 from a shop on State Street. We were like a giant walking Tiki-totem pole- a 6 ft tall guy and his kid, holding a big box. My dad’s poor shoulders, right?

Wanderlust: Chicago on Coffee and Cactus
The rare San Diegan-Midwesterner wearing a coat. Who knew she even owns a coat?
Wanderlust: Chicago on Coffee and Cactus
The irony, right?

My family and I moved to San Diego in 2000 and have been settled here ever since. I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss the Midwestern life, the Midwestern feel. Chicago is just one of those places that keeps drawing me back in one way or another. I get asked often if I feel that San Diego or Chicago are home to me, and my answer is a complex one because I see both as home- San Diego might be my current home, but Chicago was and always has felt like home.

Geometric Figure No. 1 for sale on Coffee and Cactus

An exciting side note: the Coffee and Cactus Store is live with some awesome handcrafted stained glass things available for purchase! The cost of each item also includes shipping in the US of A. I’m excited to find homes for these lovely creations that seem to be multiplying in my apartment, and to spread a little stained glass appreciation around out there. It’ll also help fund supplies for future projects, since the glass and lead aren’t exactly cheap, and well… I’m addicted.

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