Thursday Things: Oh, Hi There 2016

This week has been one of those times where I’m off work and out of the office- and have a few little trips scheduled back to back. The first was to downtown Los Angeles with two of my close friends, the second was to San Francisco to visit my boyfriend’s family, and the third was to Tenaya Lodge up in Yosemite with a small pitstop in Paseo Robles on the drive home. Today I’ve been so thankful for spending some quality time at home catching up on laundry and errands. I’m loving the chance at a low-key New Year’s Eve with the boyfriend and the pup.


Ever since I watched the first episode, Making a Murderer on Netflix completely captivated me. It’s the story of a family in the Midwest, Wisconsin specifically, that finds some serious trouble with the local police department. A man by the name of Steven Avery serves 18 years in prison for a rape that he did not commit, then gets accused of a murder a few short months after being released initially. There’s some debate over whether or not he’s guilty or was set up by the local government… and whether or not the documentary included an unbiased look at the case. I finished the series and only have more questions about the validity of the verdict, and the ethical implications of the ways in which our legal system incarcerates criminals.


I’m thinking that this will be my gift giving gameplan for next year. There’s something about spending the majority of our lives at work with our coworkers rather than our loved ones- so shouldn’t we spend our hard-earned cashola on memories with family? Something to chew on and consider for the next year, and it’s been very well received.


Congratulations are in order for Elizabeth M. and Maggie K.!
The Stained Glass Feather Giveaway ended at midnight, and it was a great success… such a great success that I decided to include not one, but two winners! I’ve emailed the two winners and am so excited to start creating their prizes. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Wishing you a joyous and rockin’ new year,