Thursday Things: Be Here Now

Museums should take note on these missed gift shopportunities by art site Hyperallergic. I’d totally be a sucker for the Salvador Dolly.

Missed Giftshopportunities

This is a great article from Medium on how to find more happiness in life. I think we’re all searching for our bliss in one way or another, or we’re attempting to mask things that aren’t giving us joy. I think the gratitude part and the act of not waiting for tomorrow to do what you can do today are so important and are areas of improvement for me. It makes logical sense that if you spend the majority of your time working towards something, you never fully enjoy and appreciate the present.

Be here now, by Coffee and Cactus

On that note, authors of one of one my favorite books (and websites) called 40 Days of Dating have begun a new project- 12 Kinds of Kindness. San Diego is bad enough at times. I’m no stranger to the random person cutting me off on the freeway, or the random homeless dude flipping me off for no apparent reason (another story for another day). It would be nice if people were as kind to other people as they often are to dogs, right?

By 12 Kinds of Kindness
By 12 Kinds of Kindness

I’ve probably made the “glamping” joke a hundred too many times, but this is a great list of places where you can actually glamp. The Joshua Tree dome cabin is calling my name.

Photo by J. Smith
Photo by J. Smith

Aannnnd… Things just got a little more interesting for Steven Avery from Making a Murderer on Netflix. A motion has been filed against the state of Wisconsin alleging that the investigation originally used in court were improper. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, especially with the show’s ever increasing viewer base, and hundreds of thousands of signatures on a White House petition.

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