Recommended Reading: Tokyo Vice

My Amazon wishlist is an ever-growing abyss of different books that I want to check out, and it’s an eclectic mix of mainly memoirs and books on crime. In college I really enjoyed reading about our judicial system and its shortcomings. I’m that person that binge-watched entire seasons of Orange is the New Black in just a few days after their release on Netflix. I’m also that person that’s seen nearly every episode of Law and Order, both Criminal Intent and Special Victims Unit. After the dun dun sound, I usually remember which guest star character is guilty and whether they end up convicted. This would be useful at a trivia night, right?


One book that has stood out to me lately is Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstein. I ordered it off of my wishlist on a whim when I had some gift card balance, and I’m really glad I did.

It’s a combination of memoir with a powerful, ballsy figure that inspires you to get out there and do your thing… and a story of someone who is vulnerable at times and just trying to navigate their way through life. One step at a time, Jake finds his place in Japan as a vice reporter. His travels bring him to strange places and people, even an exotic animal breeder that is wrapped up in a murder mystery case. It’s blunt, honest, and sheds some light on being somewhere where you’re the black sheep in the crowd.

If you end up checking it out, let me know what you think.