A Valentine’s Day Guide for Everyone

Valentine’s Day, which is also my birthday and my anniversary with my boyfriend, has never let me down. Yes, you heard it right, triple threat day! In the past before I was dating my current main squeeze, it’s consistently been a day filled with good company and good food. I’m excited to see what’s in store for this year, and also looking forward to it as my boyfriend officially fired me from having any role in the planning for the weekend.

Lucy sees everyday as a "treat yo self" day!
Lucy sees everyday as a “treat yo self” day!

Make sure that you have an awesome Valentine’s Day, regardless of your marital status or financial situation. It doesn’t have to mean an expensive trip or a fancy dinner, it can mean treating yourself to that extra afternoon latte that you need, or a nice craft beer if that’s your thing, or taking a look at some of my ideas to celebrate:

Take some actual “you” time: Make a commitment to a half hour for yourself. That might mean making some art, doing some yoga, cooking yourself your favorite food item, or watching your favorite thing of the moment on Netflix. The bulk of the holiday season is behind us, but even Valentine’s Day can be a stressor for a lot of folks. Fight the rush by tending to the first member of your fan club, you. Darling Magazine wrote this great article on how to improve yours or another person you care about’s day.

Picnic of my dreams.
One of the best picnics to date.

Flowers to spruce up your home: Skip the Proflowers fiasco or the hectic run on your neighborhood florist. Trader Joe’s is my go-to stop for affordable flower bouquets to pay a little extra homage to my woman-cave. For the cost of a Frappucino at Starbucks, you can get some fresh blooms to smile about. If you’re not into flowers, a new cactus or indoor plant can be rad too!

Chic and personal jewelry without breaking the bank: This necklace from In God We Trust NYC is pretty neat. They also have some other necklaces in that style with some choice words inscribed on them, if that’s your jam. (one fun one says “Bitch, please”) In my experience, personalized always trumps expensive and doesn’t have to cost a lot.

From In God We Trust NYC, $40
From In God We Trust NYC, $40

Make some tasty food for yourself or a loved one: This dish from my lovely friend Emily at Dinner Party Atelier incorporates two of my favorite veggies: mushrooms and spinach. It’s definitely being added to my “learn to cook one new dish a week” list. Her latest Chambord Berries and Cream dessert also looks amazingly tasty. Whatever your favorite food may be, go get it on Sunday. In the age of Google, Trader Joes, and even Postmates, you’ve got no excuses not to.

From Dinner Party Atelier
From Dinner Party Atelier

Maybe the more accurate representation of Valentine’s day should be a “treat yo self” day. You are (and should be) the first and most enthusiastic member of your fan club. That’s now I’ve always viewed it and it’s never let me down, single or taken.

How do you celebrate the day of love and self-love? Let us know in the comments below!

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