Thursday Things: Take a Break Edition

This week’s Thursday Things is all about taking a break from the hustle and bustle and making more “you time”.

Dimitra Milan on Coffee and Cactus

From Dimitra Milan Art.
From Dimitra Milan Art.

Beautiful paintings from artist Dimitra Milan are completely making me want to take a painting class and try my hand at it. It’s so neat to see a young person (she’s 16) making such big waves. See a great article on her paintings on My Modern Met here. I’m definitely looking to make more time to make more art, whether it be stained glass or painting.

An article by the New York Times sings my same tune. Everyone needs a “sick day” where they get to handle their personal things and take a breather, every once in a blue moon. I’d argue that the occasional personal day prevents major sick time in the long run. I don’t think even the most traditional boss would disagree with the need for “you” time here and there. I by no means endorse fibbing to your boss when you’re really out playing hooky. Disclaimer: my boss reads my blog. Hi, M!

Mexico, 2013.
Dreaming of vacations in Mexico.

Speaking of playing hooky, how about the idea of not having to play hooky in the first place? I’ve been listening to The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris on Audible. It’s been eye-opening and inspiring. I’ve always thought that there’s got to be something more than the 9 to 5 grind, and it’s incredible to see folks living outside of it, and successfully to boot. Cheers to automating your workload and having more time for loved ones and things that we cherish.

I’m looking forward to the CRSSD Festival this weekend- more on that in a blog entry to come. I’m excited to get dressed up and dance the weekend away with the beau and friends.

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