About C&C

1800colette.com began as a project in the early 2000s to better learn web design and web scripting. I continually found myself interested in computers, the web, and technology in general as a kid.


After studying psychology, sociology, and computer science in college, the interest in technology stuck. I began working as a systems administrator for my alma mater, and have been ever since.

The site reminds me that technology- and life, are a process of learning, growing, and exploring everyday.

I decided in November of 2015 after over a decade that 1800colette.com needed a new name. I landed on the “Coffee and Cactus”, after two of my favorite things, with a nod to my eclectic interests in life. After all, this place has always served as a creative space for technology, art, and a smattering of other awesome things.