What’s in a name?


After over 15 years of running 1800colette.com, I decided on a whim today that it was time to change the name to something more fitting. Not sure why, but the stars aligned to get my creativity flowing. 1800colette.com originally was named as a nod to a nickname that my peers gave me in grade school and really doesn’t fit the feel of my life at the moment.

Since the blog has always been about a wide variety of things, I thought the name “Coffee and Cactus” would fit perfectly. Two things that I love, and two things that are quite different from one another. One soothing, one often with an attitude.

The past few months has been a whirlwind of change for me and it seems that it’s the right time to lean on a creative outlet for inspiration. I’ve been really following design and DIY blogs lately, two of which are A Beautiful Mess and DesignLoveFest. These two, as well as Apartment Therapy, have been helpful in setting up my new (sorta) apartment in San Diego and making it more and more of a home to me everyday. Complete with its fixtures straight out of the 80s, dated carpet, and loud old dishwasher, it’s been a little bit of an adventure making it my own.

Life to me lately has been more about doing what I take joy in (a la Marie Kondo) and less about what I feel others may want me to do/be/say/think. It’s been a growing time and I feel so ready to tackle what life will bring me down the road.