Everything moves

Once upon a time, there was this sys admin, this girl, who decided to bring her blog back and regularly contribute to it with her nice run-on sentences… and then, BOOM… life happened. Similarly, in the spirit of the recent civil unrest in Santa Barbara it seems.

The past month or so has been another whirlwind. Friends coming into town, friends getting engaged, friends doing crazy things, friends being friends. There’s always that fleeting feeling that things will slow down to a point of a nice routine, but then things happen. See also: that feeling that you’ve had so much to do that you’ve forgotten something in the process.

I guess life isn’t really about getting cozy with things; it’s about finding solace in the moment. Slow your roll, life.

In light of recent events, I’ve had this song called Everything Moves by Bronze Radio Return stuck in my head for the past few days. Normally, that would be a real issue, a la #firstworld problems; it’s a nice song so I’ll deal.

Stumble in, fight the spin
If you don’t you’re falling on your face again
Tumble down, roll around
You know that everything is moving now

Lately I, can’t decide, run or hide
Oh and when I do, I’m sure I’ll end up moving too
Suit and tie, sell or buy, laugh or cry
What’s a guy to do, when nothing’s standing still for you
So many angles, so many lines
So many ways to see the sunrise

Everything moves, everything pulses
Everything lies in the eyes of you

Bonus content: Here’s a snap of Lucy in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel. I got a chance to hang with my two best friends and the lover pup, “glamp” one night, and camp the other in Joshua Tree. The goal is more trips like that one, more quality friend time amidst crazy life business.

2014-03-28 18.34.43