Permanence, Risks, and Home Ownership

As I come up to the end of my lease in my apartment in a few months, I’ve decided I’m going to work toward finding my own place to own in San Diego. When I think about the pros and cons to working on owning my own home, the worry-wort part of me panics a little and I think to myself… is this a smart investment for a single, twenty three year old, unmarried woman with a single income? I also get freaked out at the idea of signing my life away on a mortgage for DECADES. What happens if something major happens that needs fixing? Or the great flood comes or a devastating earthquake rocks SoCal? And behold, the grand kicker of them all… San Diego is &%$!*ing expensive as hell.

This whole debacle of meeting with mortgage brokers, chatting up real estate agents, and searching for properties seems to foster an even bigger and more important life lesson…

Do you take the risks you should to change your life for the better or are you sticking with the status quo in fear?

I recently cleaned out a bunch of my Facebook friends, because no one, even a former sorority president REALLY has a thousand friends. I was also being brought down by seeing updates I really didn’t want to see from my exes and a boatload of people from college and high school that I talked to *maybe* twice. It’s not easy to 1: be someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and 2: someone who has the guts to cut out the people that really don’t belong in their lives. I’ve been learning lately that cutting out the people who bring you down and bringing the people who respect and inspire you closer is the way to go. For the longest time I was so worried about losing important contacts or better yet- offending people, and it was just downright silly. The only people you need to have in your circle are the people who have your trust and deserve it.

An article here by blogger James Altucher has some good ideas along this line of thought.

I’m ready, and apparently daring enough at the moment to take this leap, for better or worse. I couldn’t be more excited for the possibilities that are ahead and I see better all over that beautiful, sunny horizon. And I really hate how people use this phrase, especially in abbreviation, but you really only live once. One shot is all you’ve got.