Photo Friday: Joshua Tree National Park

where you are is so much more than who you are with,
but others,
my goodness others,
who you are with makes it matter not at all where you are.

Growing up, my parents and I would take trips to California (we lived in Chicago way back when), Europe, and Mexico here and there, and I was well traveled by high school. Despite all those frequent flier miles, not once did we ever go camping outside in an RV or in tents. We were total “glampers”, “camping” in hotels and family members’ places.

For a new experience (for me) and a photo adventure this past weekend, my boyfriend and I took a road trip to Joshua Tree to hike and camp. Sleeping under the stars was an amazing experience for me- and I’m looking forward to many more camping trips in the future! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the weekend-

2013-04-22 07.22.21

2013-04-22 07.20.55

2013-04-22 07.21.41

2013-04-22 07.21.05

2013-04-22 07.21.27

2013-04-22 07.21.54

Have any fun camping stories or favorite camping spots? Share in the comments below!