San Francisco Anew

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” – Margaret Lee Runbeck

There’s something about San Francisco that has always drawn me to it.

As a kid, I went on trips here and there with my dad for his law conferences and such, and we’d adventure around. A trip to San Fran back then meant lunch in the Haight, dinner in Chinatown, wandering around the Castro and the pier area. Continuing on this trend, I went throughout college with close friends and such on spring breaks and summers. Every time I went, I discovered something new, and arguably addicting about the place.

2013-03-14 21.55.56

Last week, I was lucky to have been able to fly out there and spend some quality time with my boyfriend and his family. We got to some places I’ve already been to and love, and I found new stomping grounds to share new memories in. Probably one of my favorite little breakfast spots of all time is Nini’s Coffee Shop in San Mateo, a retro breakfast/lunch place with a lot of old-school, antique-y character hidden in the middle of a cute little neighborhood. It was nice to return there and have some of their yummy omelette.

In all my trips to San Fran, there are a few things that are touristy that I haven’t been able to cross off my list. Two of them are Sausalito and walking across the Golden Gate Bridge (whodathunk). We got a chance to venture over to Sausalito via Half Moon Bay and have some tasty pizza at a hole-in-the-wall place that was amazing, walk along the water, and visit an awesome ADD-“junk” store (that’s the only way I can really describe it), Sausalito Ferry Co. Unfortunately the fog rolled in after lunch so it was decided that it wouldn’t be worth it to pay for parking and walk across the Golden Gate in heavy fog (so heavy that you really couldn’t see anything but a few feet in front of you). Little modifications to your plans are always part of the fun of the adventure.
Looking out to the city via Sausalito

One of my favorite parts about this recent trip was that we drove back down to San Diego, top down in a convertible, along highway 1, through Monterrey, Big Sur, and San Luis Obispo. Some of the views we saw along the coast of the ocean were almost unreal to look at- something out of a dream or a movie. Along the way, we stopped to check out an Elephant Seal sanctuary, and various little beautiful spots to take pictures… case in point, this trip was my favorite one yet.
Elephant seals in San Simeon

When you return to a place like San Francisco with a new outlook on things, you realize that each visit brings you something new and exciting to cherish.