Wanderlust: Yosemite + Snow

I grew up in a household where we always stayed in hotels, usually in big cities. I’m so thankful that my parents took me on lots of trips, even when I was little, to places both in the US and internationally. Camping just wasn’t our style, which is perfectly okay. The BF took me on my first ever camping trip in Joshua Tree National Park, which changed my whole perspective on camping trips.

Joshua Tree, 2013.

Yosemite, 2015.

My first adventure to Yosemite National Park was in the fall of 2014, where we stayed in Housekeeping Camp and hiked down Glacier Point, and the weather was just perfect and sunny. My second trip there was this past fall, and despite rain, we had a fantastic and different experience than the first, complete with thunder and lightning. There’s something about Yosemite that really makes me feel at peace. It’s probably it’s stunning beauty, and the fact that when you’re there you’re connected with the people that you’re with and completely disconnected from the hustle and bustle of work/home/etc.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

This third trip we stayed at Tenaya Lodge, just outside and south of the park. Snow was on the ground by the time we drove up to the lodge, and snow chains for tires were required by the CHP in the area. The lodge was beautiful and covered with a thick blanket of snow. It was a little crowded for our stay and lots of families with kids were there, but we still managed to have an awesome time. Lucy enjoyed her very first days seeing snow, the hot tub and pool were so relaxing, and we had some yummy dinners and breakfasts in the lodge restaurant. It was a completely different experience from camping in Housekeeping camp, but another stunning reflection of a place that’s grown to be one of my absolute favorites.

Lucy's first snow day.

Yosemite National Park