Thursday Things: Christmas Eve Edition

It’s been a whirlwind of a Christmas season for me, albeit a happy and often at times relaxing whirlwind. I spent a few days in downtown Los Angeles with two of my best friends, spent a few days in San Francisco with my boyfriend and his family, a few days at home with my family, then it’ll be a few days up near Yosemite. A few blog posts are in the works on DTLA and Yosemite. Who doesn’t want to see a golden retriever pup’s first time in snow? I couldn’t be more excited for little Lucy!


Time off work means crafting, organizing, and taking some serious Colette time. I’ll be attempting to make this awesome 3D Paper Reindeer Head from Apartment Therapy. It’ll be a good thing to keep my hands busy while nervously and anxiously finishing up watching Making a Murder on Netflix. (If you haven’t checked it out, you should. Just do it!) Shhhh just let this happen?


I’m not super handy with power tools, but this project from a Pair and a Spare makes me want to rep an orange Home Depot apron. It’s simple, beautiful, and could totally be painted or stained in some cool way. Someday I’ll have a super awesome art studio/garage space to do projects. Someday.

I wish you a merry Christmas Eve with your family and friends, or if that’s not your thing, simply a day to be with your loved ones. It’s not all about the presents or even the food if you think about it. Both are just icing on the cake.


PS: You still have six days to enter to win a handcrafted stained glass feather made by me! Click here to view the post and enter to win. Feel free also to share it on Facebook and Instagram with friends!