Throwback Projects

Many moons ago, roughly ten moons ago, I had a web design and website maintenance business, and I took ownership of I was a self-taught teenage web designer. It was awesome to make a few bucks here and there for different little companies in my hometown that needed help with their websites. I got busy with high school, going to college, everything in between and now finally- I’m keeping myself busy these days working as a Systems Administrator for my alma mater. The working world has been kind to me, and I love getting to work the nine to five and come home to have spare time to spend to go on runs, take photos, hang out with the people I love, and probably most overlooked- my hobbies and little projects from time to time.

It’s about time that come back from the dead and get some use here and there. I’m hoping to blog a little, set up some portfolio-related content up, and just make it a little space for me to have a web presence again. Cheers!

  • Ferny

    I loved what you said. I am so glad you’re bringing 1800colette back, it was really entertaining when you started it and i can’t wait to see what you’ll blog. Love you sissy <3