Thursday Things: The Holidaze Edition

First of all, I’d like to point out that the second season of Serial is finally out… and I found out this information whilst hearing that Destiny’s Child song that goes “doesn’t it feel like Christmas?” on Spotify… Yes, Beyonce, indeed it does! If you haven’t listened to the first season yet, don’t fret- you can get started on the second because they’re different stories. Listen to the first season though, because you won’t regret it. #noregrets #guiltyornotguilty?

As the holidays are in full swing and this weekend is booked with cheery activities, I’m finding that my eating habits have been less than stellar. We’re talking pizza overload, steak vendor lunches, and lots of cookies. I found a new app for iPhone (and Android too if that’s your thing) that I’m excited to try, called Lark. It’s been touted as Siri for fitness and wellness, and made it to TechCrunch’s recent list of top apps. Yoga with Adriene has been helping me out a lot too with de-stressing and taking some time for myself.


Longing for Friday? Are the holiday crowds driving you insane? I know they’re driving me nuts, especially after a lady at Target checked me with her shopping cart and didn’t even say sorry or anything. Don’t waste your attention units. Check this out. The video from 2008 is one of my favorite things on YouTube, and the internet in general. Watching it again this morning just made me want to impulsively book plane tickets somewhere cool.

PS: I told the rude Target lady that I forgive her. Laugher from the aisle ensued.
Forgive the crazy holidaze that people are reppin’.