Stained Glass Feather Giveaway

Over the past year or so, I’ve been taking a stained glass class at the Art Academy of San Diego with the talented stained glass goddess, Lisa Maywood of Verre Designs. I discovered AASD on accident, walking around North Park San Diego in search of a new restaurant to try. I’m glad I walked by that day, because I found myself admiring one of Lisa’s pieces and grabbed a brochure for classes. What a great discovery it has been for me.

I then signed up for her stained glass class and I’ve been there weekly ever since. The school has a welcoming, laid back vibe, and I’ve met some really talented artists during my time so far. They also offer painting, pastel, drawing, mosaic, watercolor, and jewelry making classes taught by other awesomely gifted local artists. It’s been a haven for me to relax and create.

My style is best described as “geometric”, as most of my pieces are patterns rather than scenes or objects. I love playing with bright colors and textures, and clear vs. colored glass. I’ve finished several large pieces since I began taking classes in the Spring of 2014. I’m thankful for everything that I’ve learned from Lisa and my friends at AASD.

"Lo, the Star"
“Lo, the Star”
My latest large piece, Untitled
My latest large piece, Untitled

Most of my pieces have been made with flat H lead came (not a typo, that’s what it’s called)- the traditional and original way to assemble stained glass windows. They need the structural support of the lead because of the number of pieces and weight of the finished pieces as a whole. I’ve recently taken up working with copper foil, which is typically used for smaller, lighter works. Copper foil has been perfect for my latest artistic adventure- making little glass feathers.

2015-12-07 21.55.14

Enter to win a handcrafted, custom stained glass feather made by yours truly using the widget below. There will be one lucky winner of a Colette original!

Contest ends Thursday, December 31st at 12am PST.

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