The climb

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.” – Greg Child

It’s been an interesting week to say the least. It’s been both incredibly long-winded, and in some respects, a blur. Lots of changes have been made in my life, some against my wishes, some that needed to happen. The trick about it all is to keep moving. I’ve been focused on work, my new art class, and Lucy. It’s hard to fill up all the moments where I’m not sure where exactly to place how I’m feeling, and bring it to somewhere peaceful. I’ve had the support of great friends who have carried more than their weight to help me through this climbing time. Life is really all about climbs that surprise us and motivate us. Sometime soon I’m hoping for that answer to this climb that I didn’t really ask for. The answer might lead to more questions. The climb can sometimes be rewarding- I’m trying to see it that way.

2014-05-06 14.25.30

2014-05-06 14.26.04

2014-05-06 14.26.42

Stained glass class has been going swimmingly (yep, swimmingly, and not sarcastic)- I made a lot of progress last night at my second class. I finished the design that I decided on, practiced more of my glass-cutting skills, searched through the recycled glass boxes at the school, and finished cutting some of the glass pieces for my project. It’s nice to have something like this that helps time pass- the three hour class there feels like it’s ten minutes long, and I’m not bored or stressed for one moment of it. The school that I’m taking it at feels like a home away from home- the students and the professors are kind and supportive. The pup that hangs around the school, Rothko, is also quite the value add. I gave him some nice ear scratches in between rounds of glass-cutting and drawing out my template.

I’m excited for tomorrow- I got invited to take a flight to LA to help with a volunteer organization that helps give plane rides to people who need transportation to and from their medical appointments. Should be a good time and a great way to help some people out.

Keeping my eyes on the horizon,

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Sunday Scavenge #1

Found some dorky Boy Scout books that were in great condition and only a couple bucks each at the swap meet with my pops today-

2014-04-27 17.18.36

2014-04-27 17.17.54

The swap meet as a whole was a “dud” as my dad and I would say- mostly sellers of retail-type items, as opposed to antiques or “garage sale” sellers. We’ll probably wait a few weeks to let things cycle out.

See also this nice mechanical pony. Creepy, but festive. There’s never a shortage of interesting people and things at the swap meet it seems.

Looking forward: I’m signing up for an art class on stained glass work with Academy of Art San Diego. I’m super excited to see how this class turns out. I’ve been wanting to sign up for an art class like this for a while now. Once a week, I’ll now have some dedicated time to be creative, as corny as that sounds. :)

2014-04-27 16.58.15

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The here and the now #1

Making a point to invest more time in something that means a lot to me; writing.

Cooking not-so-much this weekend, but always wanting to learn new recipes.

Drinking Coca-Cola, of course- but making an effort to drink more water daily.

Reading “Cut Me Loose” by Leah Vincent, a memoir about growing up in Orthodox Judaism. As long as I can remember, I’ve had an interest in Jewish heritage and culture. I’m only a little ways into it, but it’s been really interesting so far.

2014-04-26 21.53.19

Wanting this leather tote bag from Madewell with my initials on it, but I need another purse like I need a sharp stick in the eye.

Looking forward to this summer. I’m hoping to make a few little weekend trips here and there, and for a chance to have some photography adventures.

2014-04-26 17.47.29

Playing Game of Thrones from the beginning. Season 1 is nuts and it’s hard to believe that it’s just the beginning. Can’t House Lannister and House Stark just get along?

Wishing my puppy a quick recovery from her spay surgery. She really doesn’t seem pleased about the whole situation- especially the cone she has to wear for the next ten or so days.

Enjoying leftover pizza, just because it’s one of those days. Fish and chips tonight with an old friend are in order.

Waiting for no one. It’s my new mantra. It’s all about keepin’ on keepin’ on these days.

Liking the iOS app Afterlight for editing photos on the go. It’s clever and easy to use, and I especially love the filters and contrast tweaks on it.

Hoping to get several projects done at work next week. Servers and users of said servers wait for no woman (or man).

Marveling at how beautiful San Diego is, even when it’s “gloomy” outside.

Needing a cute present for my mom for Mother’s Day no more. Mission accomplished: I finally found one and ordered it this morning.

Wearing the outfit below, with my shirt that reminds me of a Rorshach test from Allsaints. I’m so stoked that they recently opened up a store in Fashion Valley here in San Diego. I loved visiting their store when I studied abroad in London in college- it’s nice to not have to travel so far for cool clothes!

Excuse the selfie.
Excuse the selfie.

Bookmarking Designlovefest. The blogger there has beautiful taste, and shares some great desktop and phone wallpapers for download. I love surfing her site for inspiration.

Giggling at this. One of my coworkers sent this to me and I about died laughing at my desk.

Feeling the lazy Saturday feels. It’s been nice to hang around home and relax after a long week.

Inspiration for this post style from Penny. Check out her blog for a beautiful take on life and style!

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