Politely declining

With the mix of working a full-time job with a few part time gigs, I find myself juggling quite a few different hats.

After moving a little under two months or so ago, I’ve gotten pretty well settled into my new place, but there are definitely a few projects that I have pending that I’ve been wanting to accomplish. Those books won’t find their own way out of their dingy Home Depot cardboard box. But the new couch has been ordered- can the next three weeks go a little faster, please?

Summertime, regardless of the move and professional happenings, has traditionally been a time every year that I find myself busy. Friends in town. Others moving and in various states of flux. Exploring avenues where I can go on new adventures. VMworld looming, albeit exciting, at the end of the month. All positives, but even good things can induce some level of anxiety. A little break from San Diego will definitely be nice. If only the San Diego I live and work in could be the San Diego of my vacation dreams too, right? Even the Big Island is a little bit of a bummer for the people who work hard to live on it.

The mighty Hotel Del.
The mighty Hotel Del.

Recent happenings have been great for my spirits, both personally and professionally- and it almost mimics some of the busiest times I had in college. I say almost because in the back of my mind I’m convinced that I couldn’t ever be that busy again. Back then, I don’t think I took enough time to engage in “self-care”, and I found myself drained. I knew I was hitting all kinds of limits, but I felt like I owed everyone around me my “yes”. Things got to a point where my physical health fell by the wayside. A few years on the outside of all of that has shown me that saying “yes” to everything that comes your way isn’t sustainable. There are more often than not times where “no thanks” is perfectly acceptable. After all, isn’t the act of asking simply inviting the possibility of passing?


Taking the time to do the little things like laugh about ridiculous things with my boyfriend or brush out the knots in Lucy’s fur are always important. Those are the moments where we get to breathe in, breathe out, and take in some gratitude. Maybe my “yogi” friends have the right idea? Those moments can be some of the most important acts of self-care that people can engage in. I’ve often identified myself as a pessimist at times, but identifying the good, whether small or large, has helped move me in ways I never thought it would. And if you’re finding that I’m saying “no” to you here and there, it’s probably because I’m working on recharging my batteries to say “yes” more often.

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A year later

A lot has happened in the last year, and yet it’s flown by.

I’ve been working a lot on my stained glass at Art Academy of San Diego, and I’ve just completed my fifth project. If I had a garage, that number would be a lot higher and I’d probably be working on something everyday, but the setup is good for now.

2015-07-13 20.10.40

I visited a dear sister-friend with another sister-friend in a little place called New York City, Park Slope Brooklyn to be precise. The people in my life who told me that New York would be my happy place were exactly right. The long weekend there was an amazing whirlwind. I’d be there more often if it weren’t for the new fear I have of taking a red-eye flight and waking up landing somewhere other than your ticketed destination. That happened and maybe that’s a story for another day. Or maybe it’s just how air travel is these days.


I moved to a bigger, cheaper, and better apartment. I let out a big sigh of relief when I cut ties with the leasing people at my old place. The new place has better juju, if that’s a real thing. It’s amazing what a change living somewhere where people really take literal and figurative ownership of their homes can make. The act of moving and going through all of my things was so deeply refreshing.

2015-06-18 08.40.20

Lucy will be two in September. Yes there will be a party, and yes I will probably end up being *the* cat golden retriever lady. It’s not a bad end game if you think about it.

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The climb

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.” – Greg Child

It’s been an interesting week to say the least. It’s been both incredibly long-winded, and in some respects, a blur. Lots of changes have been made in my life, some against my wishes, some that needed to happen. The trick about it all is to keep moving. I’ve been focused on work, my new art class, and Lucy. It’s hard to fill up all the moments where I’m not sure where exactly to place how I’m feeling, and bring it to somewhere peaceful. I’ve had the support of great friends who have carried more than their weight to help me through this climbing time. Life is really all about climbs that surprise us and motivate us. Sometime soon I’m hoping for that answer to this climb that I didn’t really ask for. The answer might lead to more questions. The climb can sometimes be rewarding- I’m trying to see it that way.

2014-05-06 14.25.30

2014-05-06 14.26.04

2014-05-06 14.26.42

Stained glass class has been going swimmingly (yep, swimmingly, and not sarcastic)- I made a lot of progress last night at my second class. I finished the design that I decided on, practiced more of my glass-cutting skills, searched through the recycled glass boxes at the school, and finished cutting some of the glass pieces for my project. It’s nice to have something like this that helps time pass- the three hour class there feels like it’s ten minutes long, and I’m not bored or stressed for one moment of it. The school that I’m taking it at feels like a home away from home- the students and the professors are kind and supportive. The pup that hangs around the school, Rothko, is also quite the value add. I gave him some nice ear scratches in between rounds of glass-cutting and drawing out my template.

I’m excited for tomorrow- I got invited to take a flight to LA to help with a volunteer organization that helps give plane rides to people who need transportation to and from their medical appointments. Should be a good time and a great way to help some people out.

Keeping my eyes on the horizon,

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